5 Clear Signs Why UAE Is Future Ready

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Nov 15, 2022

When it comes to innovation, sustainability, and modernity, the UAE is by far one of the most advanced nations in the world. The government of the UAE has been keenly focusing on various fields to ensure rapid and efficient growth in all areas. Due to this dedicated approach to development, it is currently ranked third globally in citizens' trust in political leadership and the government. 

However, the unique factor is that the UAE has always focused on the future with its development strategies. With careful investments in future technologies and young talents, it has been able to display futuristic growth in all key industries. 

Well, this is why most experts believe that the UAE is ready for the future. And here are five clear signs why you must believe them without a doubt.

1) The Dubai Metaverse Strategy

The Dubai Metaverse strategy is a 5-year plan that aims to make Dubai a global leader in metaverse technology. Over the past few years, Dubai has attracted more than 1000 global companies in the blockchain and the metaverse field. So, the metaverse strategy aims to capitalize on this achievement by creating more than 40,000 jobs and adding up to $4 billion to the emirate's economy in five years. 

Here are some key target points of the metaverse strategy

  • Improve research and development collaborations in the metaverse sector to boost innovation and attract businesses to Dubai
  • Improve metaverse education infrastructure to generate young talents for the future
  • Utilize Web3 technology to develop new and more efficient government working models in different industries, including healthcare, education, retail, tourism, etc. 

The metaverse strategy is one with great potential overall. It is a future technology expected to rise significantly in the coming years. And with a solid infrastructure for the metaverse, Dubai can get a place among the world's top 10 metaverse economies in the next five years. 

2) Innovative Vertical Farming Plant

Along with future technology like the metaverse, the UAE is also displaying significant growth and innovation in basic fields like agriculture. Recently, it launched the world's largest, 330,000 sqft hydroponic farm, developed in collaboration with US-based vertical farming giant CropOne. Bustanica, the $40 million (Dh147m) vertical farm, is capable of producing up to 3000 Kg of green vegetables per day while consuming 95% less water than traditional farming. The crops grown with vertical farming techniques do not require soil. Instead, the crops are fed with mineral nutrient solutions in water and grown in a controlled indoor environment, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional farming. 

So, with minimized resource consumption and better yield, Bustanica has opened gates to a bright future of agriculture in the UAE, and several more vertical farms are in construction already. For the future, Bustanica has already started implementing AI and machine learning technologies to reduce human effort and improve the overall efficiency of the farm.

3) Developments in Space Research & Exploration

The government of the UAE has also shown significant growth in the field of space exploration. A few years back, UAE joined Nasa's Artemis Accords, intending to become a robust partner in USA's joint program for peaceful moon exploration. This move can also help UAE send the first Emirati to Moon. So, this is an excellent move for the future of its space programs.

Recently, it has also announced a Dh3 billion National Space Fund for the development of a series of highly accurate satellites. These Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites will greatly improve the forecasting and monitoring of global climate change. The cutting-edge technology used in these satellites will send data with an accuracy of up to one meter. 

Along with a significant improvement in the space sector, this project will also generate new jobs and a wide range of economic opportunities for all related industries in the future. 

4) Emiratisation & Employment Solutions

Emiratisation is a program aiming at improving local employment by the year 2030. This project will allow global businesses to hire local talent easily, and therefore, they can establish businesses in the UAE without hiring talent from other countries. The project aims not only to improve employment opportunities for the people but also to simplify business expansion across Emirates. 

Business expansion is further simplified by professional outsourcing agencies that manages the entire workforce in the UAE without your physical presence. TASC outsourcing is one of the leading outsourcing agencies in Dubai, with 450+ clients catering many services such as contract staffing, permanent staffing, PEO services, HR services, and other business setup services. 

This innovative approach is one of the key reasons why global businesses are finding it easy to set up their branches here. And by attracting more global businesses to the country, it aims at rapid growth and technological development in all sectors. 

5) Preparedness to Handle Future Risks and Challenges

The UAE has always kept the future in mind with all its projects. A lot of importance is given to R&D so that future risks and challenges can be predicted much in advance, and every development strategy is laid out to tackle those challenges. This approach gives a very promising economic growth structure and attracts global businesses to the country. 

Recently, Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) and the United Nations Development Program released 'The Future of Knowledge: a Foresight Report,' which listed the UAE as one of the most prepared nations for future risks and challenges. The other top countries in the report are the USA, Switzerland, Australia, and UK.

Be A Part of Future

With such efficient planning and development strategies, the UAE is currently one of the safest nations for business expansion. The country is undoubtedly future-ready and warmly inviting global businesses to be a part of this future. 

So, get in touch with TASC Corporate Services and become a part of this revolution. Establish or extend your business here and witness the future like never before. 




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