5 Things to Know About Partnering with a Professional PRO Service Provider

Author: Rolf Arndt
Aug 31, 2022

Public relations services are extremely crucial for business but can also take away mindshare, especially when businesses aren’t acquainted with the rules and regulations of a specific location. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many organizations, especially small and mid-sized firms (SMEs), are choosing to outsource PRO services for better accountability and oversight.

With their experience, these professionals can help in facilitating legal procedures, including processing visas and licenses. As a business, you no longer have to worry about compliance with government laws while working towards growing your company. However, before you start looking for specialists, here are five things you should know about your corporate PRO service provider.

#1 – Who They Are

Professional PROs specialize in administrative regulations, policies, and laws set by the UAE government. They take over the legal and regulatory processes to help facilitate the establishment and running of a business. Because of their regular dealings with government authorities, they gain a deep insight into the processes and understand the finer details of requirements.

#2 – What Services Do They Offer

In the UAE, you need a business license to launch a business. However, the process of obtaining a business license can take away critical business time. Fortunately, the knowledge, expertise, and network of a PRO company will stand in your favour. From submitting your documents to issuing a license, they’ll be at every step of the way to smoothen the processing of your business license to start your company.

While professional PROs offer help with registering start-ups and SMEs in the UAE, they also extend their services to organizations that have had an established presence for a couple of years. It is because businesses will always need help with government processes after getting their business license.

From hiring employees and setting up entities to solving administrative issues, there are always things that need to be done. Here are some of the critical services that a good professional PRO service company will offer –

  • Assistance with immigration procedures
  • Executing work visa quotas and employment contracts
  • Renewing, amending and cancelling business licenses
  • Validating documents for submission

#3 – Stages When Businesses Need PRO Assistance

Apart from visa and immigration-related paperwork, you can use PRO services at different stages of your business. Their assistance can be divided into three categories –

Ministering with the Department of Economic Development (DED)

You’ll need to issue a license for your business, and a PRO service provider can help you with –

  • Making reservations
  • Getting the initial license approval
  • Getting the signature of the MOA
  • Delivering the documents

For an established business, PRO services would entail –

  • Modifying the commercial license
  • Changing the business name
  • Changing commercial activities
  • Modifying managers or partners of the company

Assistance with Immigration Services

Once you obtain your business license, you will need an investor visa. Here’s how the service providers will help–

  • Filing a visa application
  • Carrying out the respective identification and medical requests
  • Collecting biometric data
  • Processing the UAE identification card
  • Getting your passport stamped

Other than that, PRO service providers can help your company with –

  • Requesting your company’s establishment card
  • Issuing necessary electronic signature
  • Making changes to the establishment card
  • Registering to the Emiratization system
  • Renewing the UAE ID

Assistance for the Workforce

When it comes to paperwork for the workforce, you can count on corporate PRO services. Here are the activities, the corporate PRO service partner will offer –

  • Applying for new employee visas
  • Processing identification documents from the UAE
  • Arranging for the medical tests on employees
  • Setting up appointments for employee biometric data

In addition, PRO firms also help with –

  • Renewing work permits
  • Managing other aspects of employment contracts

#4 – How Can Businesses Benefit from Them

You can benefit from outsourcing corporate PRO services in UAE in several ways.

Read our blog “Why is it better to outsource PRO services in Dubai” for a detailed insight into having an outsourced professional PRO partner.

#5 – How to Get the Best Out of PRO Services

If you want to reap all the benefits of corporate PRO services, you must start by having the right professionals as your partner. Here are a few questions you must keep in mind when hiring a PRO service provider –

  • What is the reputation of the company you wish to hire?
  • Which industry do they have experience in?
  • Do they have the local presence that you seek?
  • What communication channels do they use?
  • Will they be able to deal with the magnitude of the work?

Wrapping Up

If you’re thinking of starting a new business or expanding your current business to the UAE, you need professionals to guide you through the legal landscape. Not only will you be able to grow your business swiftly but also improve several aspects of your business. With TASC as your PRO services company in Dubai, you can expect exceptional service and turnaround time.