Beyond Just Business Setup With TASC PRO Services

Author: Rolf Arndt
May 19, 2022

Setting up your business in the UAE is just one of the mandatory roles that we play apart from helping you navigate through the legal procedures, paperwork, and compliance processes. We view our clients more as partners compared to other advisory firms, for us our client’s business is our own, and we happily own both its success and failure.

Not just business, but a relationship

Far from being transactional, we invest in our client’s ambitions with the right advice across a variety of scenarios. Our PRO services cover more aspects than other PRO services, right from visa transactions, trade-license transactions, mainland company setup, free-zone company setup, and several other value-added services. A single window format that simply serves peace of mind to our clients.

Professional PRO Services for seamless business activation

Establishing in the UAE can be cumbersome if you are a newbie, and can take up valuable go-to-market time unless you hand over all these nitty-gritties to professionals and focus on the real business at hand. Furthermore, we also have the capability to help clients with staffing solutions, outsourced HR recruitment, admin services, and accounting.

What do you save when you engage with TASC corporate services?

Time. The most valuable asset you possess! TASC saves you days and weeks because you should not be investing your time in the bureaucratic tangles of establishing a legal presence in the UAE. We know the ropes and have a clear insight into what works and what does not, in every business domain. Our many years of experience in PRO services in Dubai give us automatic access to a huge knowledge repository for establishing a business in UAE.

Money. Penalties can be stiff if you miss a deadline or do not submit the necessary documents. Adhering to local laws and regulations is a must for the smooth operations of your business. It’s not like you’re deliberately committing any of those offenses, however, but as a busy and stretched professional, it’s easy to miss something that ends up having severe consequences.

Reputation. It is very easy to get blacklisted if you fail to comply with the ever-changing local laws and regulations. Using the right PRO services company, with industry expertise, should be by your side to help prevent you from falling through these cracks and maintain a flawless reputation, the best asset a business can have.


3 top reasons to go for TASC PRO Services

Experience: With over 15 years of experience, we have perfected the art of setting up businesses with our PRO services in Dubai, in various formats, across domains, and in different zones. Our staff is drawn from various disciplines so that they understand your business end-to-end, especially your category and the results you’re seeking to achieve.

Professionalism: We assign dedicated case officers to take care of your needs, based on your specific business domain. Keeping clients continuously updated, and working alongside them to solve problems with utmost transparency, and respect for time and money is what makes us the best PRO service provider in the UAE.

Cost Efficiency: Keeping everything in-house is costly as you will need to add manpower for routine ops as you grow. But when you come to us, the volume variability rarely applies. This makes for enormous cost-efficiencies for any organisation.


Beyond just setting up, we are with you all the way!

Setting up is one thing, while the real test is profitably running the show. Towards this, we help our clients across a variety of functions:

Staffing: Good people are hard to find and, in a complex, turbo-charged environment like the UAE, it can be quite a challenge. We are a UAE staffing company first, before anything else, and this brings to the fore the enormous advantages our clients can avail themselves in finding the right workforce using our recruitment services.

HR Consultancy Services & Payroll: Our services in various aspects of HR, recruitment, and outsourced payrolling services are advantages that both new and established firms can benefit from, in terms of time and money.


TASC is your extended arm in setting up your business in the UAE with minimum effort, and full legal compliances, and thereafter continue to be your trusted partner in running your business successfully.