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Author: TASC Outsourcing
Jul 26, 2022

As companies navigate through the post-pandemic period of the Great Attrition, The Khaleej Times reported that as many as 56% of professionals intend to switch their jobs in 2022. The traditional strategies of lavish perks, impressive rewards, and a more lucrative pay seem to be an ephemeral bandage on the continually deepening wound.

The Contribution Effect - The Recession Remedy?

A recent survey conducted by United Minds in partnership with Weber Shandwick and KRC Research divulges that feeling appreciated and valued for purposeful contribution to a company is one of the key drivers of employee retention.

Employees who are capable of visualizing (and, even quantifying) their contributions build a stronger and rather devotional relationship with their employer. This is what entails the Contribution Effect.

When reinforced with competitive pay and fair benefits, a strong foundation for a long-term loyal relationship is laid for companies to build upon and profit from.

One of the definite ways of ensuring “purposeful contribution” from employees is to find the right fit for the job. When a position is taken over by someone who is not fit for the job, they obviously feel overwhelmed, overworked, and demotivated. This eventually leads to mental health issues and impacts productivity which costs the company, more often than not, in terms of lost employees.

Recruitment agencies in Dubai like TASC have risen as the dependable crutches in the situation to help employers find employees with complementary goals. And, here’s how.

The Role Of TASC In Combating The Great Attrition

Global Talent Made Accessible

With a vast network of global talent in place, TASC is making it possible for companies in the UAE to work with the best talents in the world - without the restrictions of boundaries. TASC’s efforts have further been fortified with the widespread acceptance of WFH and hybrid work models owing to the pandemic. Talk about silver linings!

Whether companies need the best tech brains from India, healthcare professionals from the US, or customer service professionals from Pakistan, TASC has got them covered.

Recruiting talents from low-income countries benefit companies with limited budgets while also aiding in improving the livelihoods of those recruited. The telecommunications, construction, and energy & oil industries are generating great value by absorbing expatriates of varied skill-sets from TASC.

Staff Support for Start-Ups

With a population of about 10 million, UAE has managed to build a thriving start-up ecosystem with as many as 4,000 functioning start-up companies. The rapid-growth potential of these start-ups can only be sustained with the aid of great staffing.

TASC brings them the best talent within their unique budgets. We are capable of doing so only because of our seasoned experts who have been a part of recruitment agencies in UAE for decades. They have the expertise to fetch out the perfect talent for start-ups who offer highly specific skills that propel the company towards higher growth potential.

The team filters through the expansive database to find employees who align with the vision of the company and scan through their history to analyze the level of commitment they have showcased in the past.

And, guess what? Most of these talents aren’t usually “looking” for jobs. Because they are holding positions in comfortable high-paying jobs (hopefully, without enough job satisfaction). So, it can be beyond challenging and very expensive for budding companies to find the right fit. Some even make the mistake of establishing their own talent acquisition team, only to fail miserably.

Thankfully, with TASC by their side, start-ups can focus on growing instead of staffing. That too, on a budget.

Payroll Services to Maintain a Compliant Salary System

TASC is helping companies minimize expenses and revenue leaks associated with the complex task of payroll management. Companies (especially, SMEs) that are still saddled with the weight of traditional payroll systems run the risk of losing thousands due to wrong data entry or human error.

Backed with the latest technology, TASC maintains payroll service with absolute perfection without any risk of errors and potential loss in capital. Companies also experience a higher sense of safety with confidential payroll data when it’s in TASC’s “safe haven”. Resultantly, the staff is left with higher job satisfaction with a systematically regulated payroll system.

Relief For the Worst Hit Sectors

Some of the worst-hit victims of the Great Attrition are the -

  • Hospitality sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • IT sector
  • Retail sector
  • Logistics & Supply Chain

It would have been practically impossible for these industries to bounce back without the support of a highly-efficient recruitment agency a.k.a. TASC. The agency’s rich database built diligently over the years, since its inception, came to the rescue during this crucial moment of crisis. Thus, swiftly filling in the empty spots with new talent.

In fact, TASC even supplied temporary labor forces during times of high demand saving millions of dollars for companies. From multinational giants & industry leaders to emerging SMEs, all require the support of temporary staffing during seasonal high demands. And, TASC has never failed to deliver even during times of crisis.

Swift Staffing

Having worked with some of the biggest industry names, TASC has garnered the expertise (and, more notably an ISO Certification) to onboard talent rapidly for companies in need. And, not just any talent. Talent that has been chosen by a seasoned team who understands the unique staffing needs of a business.

Our continuous evolution and innovations have helped us garner some of the most enamored and esteemed accolades in the industry, the most recent ones being -

●       Top Innovative Staffing Agency 2019 & 2021 – LinkedIn

●       Dubai Quality Appreciation Award 2020

●       Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award 2016 & 2019 – Silver

●       Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award 2019

●       Recognized as Superbrand in 2018 & 2019



The gap between talent and recruiters has existed ever since the concepts of demands and supply emerged. However, with a majority of talent nearing their retirement age the void is widening further. Moreover, companies failed to address the nuances of transitioning from one generation of talent to the next. They failed to comprehend the changes in the needs of employees.

Fortunately, companies now have TASC by their side which is not only fulfilling their staffing needs but also guiding them with industry insights to be a better employer to fight the attrition crisis.

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