Mastering The Art of Employee Performance Reviews

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Jun 19, 2023

Let’s all face it. Employee reviews are nerve-wrecking especially when you’re new to a company. Sometimes individuals have a 50/50 emotional thought process where they can’t wait to know how they’ve been doing in the new company but at the same time they also don’t want to know due to the fear of underperforming.

It is a well-known fact that employee reviews are meant to see the progress and to measure an employee’s performance in their role. But does it have a much deeper purpose for the overall organization? The answer is “Yes.” The reason is to fill the skill gap that hinders an employee from reaching their goals, that in turn assist with the overall success of achieving the company objectives.

What is Employee Review?

Employee performance is periodically reviewed and evaluated by the employee’s manager. This process is referred to as a performance review. It’s a chance to evaluate the employee’s development, recognize their accomplishments, and work together on goals to boost performance and to assist towards business objectives. The types of employee reviews are:

  • Annual Performance Review
  • Mid-year Performance Review
  • Quarterly Performance Review
  • Monthly Performance Conversations or GOODs

Employee reviews are essential for several reasons:

1. Providing Feedback 

Performance evaluations provide crucial feedback to your employees as well as the business. They give your employees the chance to be acknowledged for a job well done or to draw attention to areas that may require more care. People are encouraged to improve when they receive praise and helpful criticism.

Without feedback, members of your team might not be aware of subpar work and be powerless to change it. Management and staff can collaborate to develop strategies to address any obstacles to success once they have been identified. Keep in mind that conversations are the most effective format for performance reviews. Give people a chance to voice any concerns or suggestions they may have while providing feedback. It improves working relationships, promotes collaboration, and boosts morale to keep lines of communication open.

2. Improving Performance

Organizations that don't conduct reviews experience a 10% lower employee performance rate, according to a global study by Gartner. High-performing employees suffer the most with a 28% reduction in productivity due to a lack of consistent feedback and appreciation.

The success of your company depends on the efforts of every team member. Reviews offer a benchmark so you can see when an individual’s performance declines and help clarify the company’s goals and expectations. After that, you can collaborate with your staff to come up with solutions, like providing more training or support or redefining roles. When workers are aware of expectations and how to improve performance, management can spend less time managing people and more time growing the company.

3. Spotting Talent

Performance reviews are an excellent tool for identifying and nurturing talent. They give insights into an employee's growth, initiative, and alignment with the company's vision. This information helps determine if an employee is ready for more responsibility or if they need additional training to address skill gaps.

You can fine-tune a career path for an employee within the organization where they can best utilize their skills and interests thanks to this ongoing record of their strengths and weaknesses. Your employees will have a greater sense of ownership in the company, and by making internal promotions, the business keeps all its acquired organizational knowledge.

4. Targeted Training And Development

Employees in the modern business world must keep abreast of emerging technologies, industry best practices, and any new policies or initiatives. Performance reviews offer a great chance to identify and talk about any training and development needs, which can then be planned and monitored throughout the year.

By demonstrating your dedication to assisting others in being their best, you raise both employee morale and personal self-worth. Your team will be more productive if each member is operating at their peak potential. Additionally, you will be able to determine the best candidates for the appropriate teams and match people’s strengths with job responsibilities. Ignoring skill and training gaps puts the company's development and long-term viability at risk.

5. Encouraging Engagement

Without performance reviews, employee engagement tends to decline, especially among high-performing individuals. The review process facilitates regular conversations with employees, allowing for constructive feedback, motivation, and a focus on key priorities while ensuring they have the resources needed to excel in their roles.

By viewing employees as partners working towards common business goals, you foster a supportive team environment that encourages success. This, in turn, aids in employee retention and elevates the quality of customer service provided by your organization.

When Is The Best Time For Employee Review?

Traditionally, employee evaluations were conducted annually, earning them the name "annual reviews." However, recalling an entire year's worth of details can be challenging for both employees and managers, and research has shown that annual reviews don't significantly improve performance. In response, many organizations have embraced more frequent feedback, which has been proven to yield better results. Employee evaluations can now take place quarterly, monthly, or even weekly, depending on the organization's needs and circumstances.

Some companies have gone a step further by replacing formal evaluations with regular check-ins and one-on-one meetings. Regardless of the chosen approach, effective performance reviews offer immediate benefits, as well as long-term advantages for businesses and employees seeking a comprehensive understanding of their professional growth, strengths, and areas for improvement.

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