The Need for Hiring UAE Nationals in 2023

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Aug 01, 2023

The UAE has a highly competitive market with vast growth opportunities for businesses of all scales and industry types. The exceptional quality of life, business safety, and a supportive government are some of the main reasons why the UAE is currently a top business hub in 2023. However, one of the most crucial factors for this ease of doing business is the availability of world-class recruitment agencies in the UAE.

Yes, when businesses partner with a UAE national recruitment agency, they get a streamlined recruitment process and in-depth access to candidate databases and expert recruitment officers. Professional recruitment agencies also help businesses get maximum benefits from national recruitment laws like Emiratisation, allowing them to maintain a healthy combination of local and international talents within the business structure.

What Is Emiratisation?

Emiratisation is a national law for businesses in the UAE. According to this law, any and every private sector organization operating in the mainland must recruit a certain percentage of Emiratisin the UAE. So, companies must have a certain percentage of UAE nationals as their employees. The target quota for Emiratis differs slightly for different business types and industry types (banking industry etc).

Emiratisation has many benefits for businesses. However, when in-house hiring teams do not have sufficient knowledge of the local landscape, extracting these benefits can be quite difficult. This is why companies should consider partnering with an Emiratisation recruitment agency in UAE. The experts from a professional recruitment agency have in-depth access to candidate databases, allowing them to locate and hire talents from UAE much faster than in-house teams. 

Benefits of Partnering with A Recruitment Agency

Here are some key benefits of partnering with recruitment agencies for hiring talent in the UAE-

  • Expert Recruitment Officers- With a UAE national recruitment agency, businesses get instant access to expert recruitment officers with years of experience recruiting top talent for companies in the UAE. Therefore, locating and hiring the right talents for various job positions become much easier with professional recruitment agencies. 
  • Efficient Recruitment Strategies- Professional agencies develop customised recruitment strategies to ensure efficient hiring for businesses. Therefore, a professional recruitment agency can help companies to reduce costs related to hiring and onboarding while increasing the overall efficiency of the processes. 
  • Cost-Efficient Hiring- Businesses partnering with professional recruitment agencies benefit from their strategies, market knowledge, and candidate databases. All these factors result in quick and efficient hiring, ensuring cost-efficiency and saving time with the hiring process.  
  • Support and Post-Hiring Services- The top UAE national recruitment agencies have active support and post-hiring services to assist companies with various employee management and HR activities. Consequently, companies partnering with recruitment agencies have a better chance of success and growth.

Why Should Companies Hire UAE Nationals in 2023?

The UAE is flourishing as one of the top business hubs for 2023, with business owners worldwide looking to make the most out of this opportunity. However, with this corporate boom in UAE, the markets have become much more competitive than ever before. This is why businesses must focus on a highly efficient recruitment process and the right balance of local and international talents. 

Here are some reasons why every company must hire UAE nationals in 2023-

  • Understanding local culture- UAE nationals understand local culture and markets better than ex-pats. Therefore, hiring more UAE nationals gives companies a better chance of succeeding in the local markets. The UAE nationals can connect better to the local population, and therefore, they can contribute more towards the growth and success of a company in the UAE.
  • A Healthy Working Atmosphere- With more UAE nationals in the team, a company can maintain a diverse and healthy working atmosphere. As other employees interact and learn from UAE nationals, they can adapt to the local culture and perform better over time. 
  • Compliance Benefits- Hiring UAE nationals can help businesses comply with local employment laws like Emiratisation. Emiratisation encourages companies to maintain a healthy balance of local and international employees. And by hiring more UAE nationals, businesses ensure compliance and avoid legal action or other operational turbulences. Ensuring compliance also provides better employment security to the employees and results in higher retention and employee engagement for businesses.
  • Overall Performance Boost- With the right balance of employees, companies can optimise training, compensation, and other employee management tasks to generate higher efficiency and overall performance. As UAE nationals understand the local markets better, they can help other employees with their knowledge and boost overall business performance much faster. 

How Can A UAE National Recruitment Organisation Help in Hiring Local Talents?

In-house hiring may not always have a sufficient understanding of the local landscape and the local regulations. Therefore, the chances of errors in hiring are high with in-house teams. The hiring takes much longer, and a company may also suffer from reduced retention and employee performance due to inefficient hiring. 

An Emiratisation recruitment agency not only understands Emiratisation laws well but also has access to in-depth candidate databases. So, instead of looking for talent internationally, a company can hire a talented individual from the local database faster than in-house teams. As the hiring process becomes less time-consuming and streamlined, businesses have a higher chance of success with a UAE national recruitment agency. 

Meet Your Emiratisation Targets With TASC

As you can see, hiring from a UAE national recruitment agency does not only have many benefits, but it is also the need of the hour. As the markets become highly competitive, locating, hiring, and retaining top talents is crucial for business success in the UAE. 

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