Why Outsource HR Functions To A PEO? Top 5 Reasons

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Jul 17, 2023

The world is evolving, and your recruitment practices should, too. The days of needing a physical office to function in a new region are long gone. Here is where needing a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) comes into place. Let’s dive in deeper to understand what PEO is and why you should need it to grow faster and maximize efficiency to beat your respective market competition.

So, What Is A PEO?

PEOs are a powerful instrument that may be utilized to relieve a company's human resources burden while lowering the costs associated with managing its employees under the right circumstances.

The shared or co-employment model, which permits the PEO to act as the administrative employer of record for its clients’ employees, is the framework under which a professional employer organization operates. A PEO assumes responsibility and in some cases the liability for different employee administrative functions on behalf of a company, such as onboarding and payroll processing, benefits administrations and employee insurance claims.

At TASC, we do it all! With our International PEO services, we assist clients in deploying their employees in over 68 countries globally. TASC manages everything from employee mobilization to compliance with local labour laws and payroll processing.

The Need For PEO Service In The UAE?

With the experienced, strategic advice of a PEO, you may be able to grow your business while having the peace of mind of knowing you're better protected. PEOs typically assist with:

  1. Customized Outsourced PEO Services:

Global PEO service providers offer a selection of outsourced employee management duties from which businesses can pick and choose. Small-to-midsized companies frequently turn to global PEO outsourcing firms like TASC to gain access to more sophisticated and cost-effective services that they cannot deliver themselves.

PEO service providers also enable organizations to hire full-time employees in other countries without having to set up or operate foreign subsidiaries making the PEO service provider like TASC become the employer of record in specific overseas markets.

  1. Increase In Employee Benefits:

Co-employment also enables PEO outsourcing providers to bring together groups of employees from various small businesses and give services and benefits that would otherwise only be available from giant corporations. As a result, in today's globalized world, enterprises looking to expand abroad can more readily access good local talent pools through PEO outsourcing firms like TASC.

Employees can often receive increased wages and benefits in these instances, making the expanding company a more desirable place to work as a result of its engagement with a PEO outsourcing services provider like TASC.

  1. Protecting You From International Compliance Risks:

Companies significantly minimize their liability risk and time spent employing personnel when they include employer of record services as a component of these services, as well as ensuring protection for their important intellectual property. Setting up a stand-alone foreign subsidiary can take months if done without the support of a PEO outsourcing service provider.

International PEO outsourcing firm, such as TASC, frequently function as the employer of record in a variety of the company's target markets. Our local presence in over 68 countries including the MENA region ensures that all local protocols, labour laws, and taxation rules are followed to the letter.

  1. Easier To Attract Highly Qualified Talent:

Partnering up with a PEO outsourcing service provider also allows for more flexible hiring options based on bespoke employment scenarios, such as the capacity to attract and retain higher-level, more expensive talent. It also allows businesses to outsource the role of full legal employer to a PEO outsourcing services provider – by establishing and exploiting autonomous subsidiary structures in each jurisdiction for the purpose of employing locally – while retaining in control of employees.

These assists companies expanding into new and popular jurisdictions such as the GCC in staying up to date and compliance with local rules and regulations, which are often complex.

At TASC, we offer comprehensive support for your HR expansion plans in the GCC or MENA region and apply our expertise to the needs of your business. We simplify the onboarding process for your business, allowing you to start operations without paperwork or compliance complications – all within days.

  1. Reduced Legal Risk:

When PEO outsourcing providers serve as co-employers, they are able to take on more employer obligations than can be obtained through simple HR outsourcing. Because the organization has opted to use PEO outsourcing services in particular, this scenario decreases legal risk.

Some of our bespoke PEO services at TASC include giving insights and data on local markets and regulations, as well as frequent updates on regulatory body changes to limit risks through additional levels of protection.

Why Trust TASC For Your Go-To PEO Outsourcing Services?

Partnering with a PEO not only mitigates many risks associated with business ownership, but it also allows you to concentrate on managing your business rather than getting overwhelmed by paperwork.

Our team of people operations experts and multilingual deployment specialists are available around the clock to support you. With a strong presence in the GCC region, we ensure full compliance with local protocols, labour laws, and tax regulations, facilitating your organization's global expansion with efficiency, scalability, and cost savings.

Reach out to us for a complimentary assessment of your PEO requirements and other international services, such as global talent acquisition and recruitment outsourcing.