Benefits of Partnering with Permanent Recruitment Agencies

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Jul 06, 2022

Knowing the combined complexity of the job market and the hiring process, businesses seek specialist support from recruitment agencies for hiring the top talents of the organization. We have listed some of the benefits companies encounter when outsourcing their Permanent Recruitments.


Filling in vacancies can be a time-consuming and expensive process for businesses as it takes some of the most useful resources and comes with minimum assurances. Especially for the C-level & senior roles, employers are aware of the integral part these roles play in any organization. They drive the company forward, giving it the edge to stand out among its competitors. 


It is challenging for an in-house HR team to maintain the right flow of talent into the organization. And to challenge this further the agile job market makes it even more difficult to find experienced and skilled staff when other organizations are also scouting too. 


Knowing the combined complexity of the job market and the hiring process, it’s not new for businesses to seek specialist support from recruitment agencies for hiring top talents of the organization. As not only do they specialize in identifying and attracting talent, but they can also negotiate terms and smoothen the onboarding process, ultimately relieving a significant amount of pressure on the HR teams. Outsourcing recruitment services have helped organizations find the right people who scale up the business and secure their services without exceeding the company budget. 


But why exactly should companies rely on professionals for permanent staffing solutions? Let’s take a close look at some of the practical benefits – 


Faster Hiring Process 


Hiring & onboarding is a lengthy process, if the recruitment process isn’t managed well, companies lose out on good candidates to their competitors, who offered a job to them before they could. It not only wastes money and time but also leaves critical jobs vacant for a longer duration. Hence partnering with a recruitment agency is beneficial, they follow a robust hiring model, and their priority is to mitigate delays and secure the top talent for the organization as quickly as possible. 


Better Quality of Hire 


The definition of right talent isn’t limited to only the skills and experience of an individual. Several other factors are considered to determine whether a candidate is a right fit for a specific job or not. The outsourced recruitment companies have access to a huge & quality talent pool from the local and global markets, they don’t have to hunt for candidates. The agencies focus more on screening candidates based on the company’s needs instead of spending valuable time looking for them – ultimately improving the quality of hire.


Lesser Costs 


One of the reasons why more and more organizations are seeking the expertise of recruitment firms is its cost-effectiveness. Employers pay recurring recruitment costs in terms of job boards, head-hunters, and high turnover rates, due to which now they prefer to outsource it to the recruitment firms to save money & time. Some of the companies also follow a recruitment strategy that’s lengthy and outdated, making the hiring process even more expensive. A well-established permanent recruitment agency will have an integrated hiring solution in place that directly translates into quick turnaround time and better quality of hire, ultimately reducing the costs. 


Greater Scalability 


Across all industries, organizations witness highs and lows in their staffing needs. During peak periods, there is a high demand for skilled employees, which can end up costing a lot of time and resources when handled without external help. Because recruitment agencies specialize in hiring staff for organizations of different industries, they have the means to scale recruitment activities up and down as per the needs of the company. It would be an excellent solution for employers that plan on expanding to new locations where they need to hire employees on a strict deadline. 


Better Regulatory Compliance 


Because recruitment firms deal with hiring day in & out, they are well versed about employment laws along with the latest changes introduced in the legislation and other government-imposed standards. Their job is to certify that their hiring models are fully compliant with all the guidelines and regulations. Thus, companies can stay assured that the entire recruitment process will be handled ethically, which minimizes the risk of lawsuits in the future. 


Stronger Brand Reputation 


Associating with an accomplished recruitment agency will also catalyse the building of a positive brand image. Once the quality of hire increases and the talent pool within the organization become niche, it enables a chain reaction. The organization will be perceived as a more desirable company to potential candidates. In turn, it will further reduce the time spent on hiring because candidates will look forward to working with such a renowned brand. 


Superior Industry Insights 


Over the years, recruitment agencies collect a considerable amount of data throughout the process of hiring candidates & onboarding them for organizations across different industries & geographies. Recruitment consultants also understand candidate expectations, employer needs, and the impact of supply and demand of the job market, which can be extremely valuable to the hiring companies. By having this data analysed, companies can get insights into the current landscape of the industry, which could help in making informed and better decisions. It can also help in improving the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the hiring process without compromising candidate quality. 


Permanent recruitment companies help organizations of all sizes to quickly hire resources without draining the company funds. At TASC, we aim to support businesses with the best-in-class staffing model. We combine our years of knowledge, expertise, and systems to help companies find the best talent in the market. We are well spread across the globe with a strong foothold in the MENA region. We have a strong in-house research team, an extensive database of candidates, and a profound understanding of the local job market, we help companies recruit and retain their greatest assets – human resources.