Embracing Sustainability In UAE: How To Contribute In 2023

Author: Kavitha Kumar
May 08, 2023

His Highness, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has declared 2023 the year of sustainability. The UAE is hosting the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in November 2023 at Expo City Dubai. Therefore, it's important to talk about sustainability in UAE for residents at work and home so we can contribute to this noble cause as a nation.

If you have been wondering on how to contribute to sustainable development in UAE and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment, here are a few sustainability tips for you.

Sustainability In UAE – Tips For Residents

Go Digital at Your Workplace

You can save a lot of precious resources by promoting sustainability at work, which is now easier with the UAE becoming more innovative. Going digital helps minimize the use of paper, which directly replicates to favor the environment. The Emirates Environmental Group— an NGO dedicated to environmental education and action— collected 1,800 tons of waste during a 2011 sustainability initiatives in UAE campaign, and most of it was paper.

There are multiple sustainability tips that you can use to go digital and reduce the use of paper:

  • Rationing paper & toner and reducing the number of printers.
  • Using e-statement and electronic invoicing.
  • Using a collaborative digital medium to share important files instead of using paper.
  • Hold virtual meetings to reduce the need for printed materials.
  • Employ paperless hiring processes; that’s where we come into play.

A Sustainable Fit-Out

A sustainable interior fit-out can go a long way toward creating sustainability in UAE at the workplace. It is helpful in many aspects, such as energy consumption, lighting, air quality, thermal conditions, etc. Green building is a dominant trend involving sustainable buildings in UAE supported by both the public and private sectors.

The UAE is developing rapidly, and the government has introduced different regulations to improve the environmental performance of both new and old buildings, including Abu Dhabi’s Estidama Pearl Rating System, the Dubai Green Building Regulations, and Dubai’s Al Safaat system.

According to a report by Core Savills, Dubai is ranked third in the world with the greenest buildings. Moreover, the UAE is among the top 10 countries with LEED certification other than the United States. Therefore, we can expect more and more green construction in the UAE, and your workplace should also be a part of this transformation.

Reduce Energy Consumption

According to WorldData.info, the per annum total energy consumption in the UAE is 113.20 billion kWh, which translates to 12,087 kWh per capita. These numbers make UAE one of the world's largest energy consumers. The country experiences high summer temperatures, which causes an exponential increase in energy consumption.

One of the biggest advantages of sustainability in UAE through energy savings is that you also save a lot of money. You can use several sustainability tips to do that, such as:

  • Using energy-efficient appliances.
  • Switching off lights and other appliances when not in use.
  • Setting the thermostat to an average temperature.

Improving Eating Habits

Food systems are complex, so no standard sustainability tips work in this regard. However, there is a consensus that reducing the consumption of some foods can positively impact the environment.

Meat, particularly red meat, requires a lot of resources in the form of water, land, and animal feed. Moreover, cows emit a lot of methane that contributes heavily to climate change, as methane captures even more heat than carbon.

According to Statista, per capita meat consumption in the UAE is expected to stand at 58.42kg in 2023. Similarly, according to Goldstein Market Intelligence Research, the red meat market in the UAE is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.3% by 2030. UAE residents can replace some red meat with vegetables for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource that shouldn't be wasted at any cost. Sustainable water usage can make a huge difference in reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable lifestyles. According to the National News, UAE has one of the globe's highest per capita water consumption rates at 500 liters per day, 50% above the global average.

Similarly, the Khaleej Times reported that, on average, a UAE citizen uses up to 450 plastic bottles annually. Therefore, it is better for the environment to switch to filtered water and a healthier option. Regarding non-drinking usage, people should consume less water during showers, watering their plants, washing cars, decks, etc.

Waste Reduction

The decomposition of organic waste leads to carbon dioxide and methane emissions into the atmosphere, the major drivers of climate change. According to the Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence (DCCE), UAE residents produce an average of 2.7 kg of waste daily, doubling to 5.4 kg during Ramadan. Moreover, around 38% of food produced in the UAE is wasted, reaching 60% during Ramadan.

People should pay attention to these stark numbers and reduce food wastage considerably to live and create a sustainable environment in UAE. There are many sustainability tips you can try for waste reduction:

  • Eating locally-produced food
  • Opting for reusable bags
  • Recycling plastic bottles and containers

Use Public Transport and Fly Less

Air travel and road traffic make up a significant chunk of carbon emissions. The UAE had carbon emissions of 193506.94 KT at the end of 2021. Flying is the most significant contributor to these emissions, followed by private road transport. According to a study by Oliver Wyman Forum and the University of California, Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), Dubai has the best public transport in the Middle East and Africa regarding urban mobility readiness.

Abu Dhabi was ranked first for transport fluidity and second for affordability. Dubai was ranked 30th among all cities worldwide, an improvement of 2 places from the previous ranking. The UAE is rapidly improving its public transport system, making it more accessible for thousands of its citizens.

You can use public transport to reduce your carbon footprint and encourage others to do so too. If you cannot do it regularly, try to use public transportation once a week. This is how to live and maintain sustainability in UAE without compromising your office routine and other outings.

Sustainability Hiring In UAE | Wrap-Up

Nobody can deny the importance of sustainability in UAE today, and this is why businesses must adapt to this change and switch to sustainable operations. It includes everything from saving energy to hiring sustainably.

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We connect you with businesses that take the environment seriously. On top of that, our state-of-the-art hiring processes ensure that perfect-fit employers and employees connect together.

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