Focusing on the Core of Outsourcing | TASC Outsourcing

Author: Thomas Kenworthy
Aug 18, 2022

Business often refers to the core activity of a company that generates revenue and places the brand in an advantageous spot. However, what is it really? In essence, this depends on what is important to the company and how its leaders define the core activities of the service or product it offers. Taking a bank as an example, the bank's core business is managing its customers' funds and ensuring their monetary security. As far as the bank's services are considered, any activity which doesn’t resonate with the above-mentioned activities is not the core of a bank’s functionality.

“Just about everybody uses outsourcing today, and for a variety of strategic reasons that extend well beyond cost savings. Factors that support business growth, like access to talent and capabilities – and maximising business model flexibility – are key drivers. For example, 70% of respondents say access to talent is an important or very important reason why they outsource.” PWC - Outsourcing comes of age: The rise of collaborative partnering*

Whilst outsourcing is all about providing the best services at competitive rates, Human Capital is becoming increasingly important, in fact, it has become the fastest growing concern amongst companies with a large workforce. Increasing pressure on organizations, therefore, results in an increasing internal weight on HR departments globally. Based on market knowledge and experience of these functions, we believe that they are more than just administrators or policymakers, but instead responsible for shaping and enacting workforce planning, organizational capability, and organizational culture. In contrast, HR departments often spend their time dealing with employee resourcing, backfilling, onboarding, payroll, and employee service requests. Despite the considerable effort, dedication, and commitment it takes to overcome this boot loop and cyclical dilemma, overcoming the brow of this issue cannot be considered 'out of the woods’, since these individuals and companies must remain committed to maintaining the implemented changes. This leads to an HR department that, in addition to enacting change, is also managing new business demands concurrently, which results in a stress-tested HR department that strives to be dedicated to its employees and their wellbeing at work. In other words, when do HR function employees actually get a break for themselves?

The concept of outsourcing was coined as a business operations strategy in 1989, and it went on to become an integral part of business economics over the next two decades. However, despite its efficacy, outsourcing and shared services still face criticism in many countries. Thankfully and generally in the UAE, companies do understand the benefits of outsourcing and find it an effective way to manage their balance sheets, cut labour costs, reduce overheads, and rely less on expensive equipment and technology to manage Human Capital.

While this is a great benefit, there are downsides as well. One of them is managing communication between employees and external providers, which is imperative for business continuity. In addition to this, data security and intellectual property are an increasing concern for corporates which can be tested when employees from multiple companies gain access to business-critical information. That’s why it’s even more important for outsourcing companies to understand client requirements and account for this consideration when appointing an outsourcing partner. It's important for partners to be transparent in terms of what the client is really paying for. A certain responsibility sits with the employer of record, the sponsor, or the contract manager; but are companies providing such services ethically?

Through our dedicated employee care department, TASC Outsourcing offers 100% automated self-service to over 5500+ associates with a dedicated employee self-service portal. Whether it’s; payslips, letters, self-information, no objection certificates or any other form of employee request. As an outsourcing partner, TASC guarantees to service contracted employees within pre-defined SLAs. This is the first step on the road to reducing the administrative workload for HR teams within our serviced ecosystem. So how else can we help, TASC’s account management team is on hand to respond to any operational challenges and tackle the problems that may otherwise be time consuming in present difficulty for some organizations. TASC, for example, is equipped with an automated time & attendance system for all associates which reduces the margin of error with regard to employee payroll and attendance based billing. No matter the sector, we guarantee paying salaries on time, providing relief for companies' compliance. Aside from all of the information listed above, our clients are also given access to metrics such as; monthly employee reports, joining and attrition reports, employee headcount reports, time & attendance reports, and diversity reports (nationality, gender, language).

All of the functions laid out above are customized from a human capital-focused ERP system which has been carefully architected through years of development to manage such operations. TASC recognizes that as an employer of thousands of associates and in order to cater to them; technology must be implemented into everyday business to reduce the drain on valuable culture driving positions. We believe this is the next step in allowing companies to focus on their core business and driving business growth.

As an outsourcing and shared services organisation, we dedicate our back office administration to ensuring that SMEs, multinationals and start up’s can continue to deliver their primary services with assurance in their Human Capital.