Top 10 Jobs in Qatar that are Outsourced

Author: Rabih Sabbagh
Oct 05, 2022

According to World Bank’s latest report, the GDP of Qatar is expected to witness a 4.9% growth in 2022, followed by a 4.5 % and 4.4 % increase in the year 2023 and 2024 respectively. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the GCC, Qatar offers a myriad of opportunities for business owners and investors.

The government is also keen to transform the country’s economy for the better through its ongoing initiative – The Qatar National Vision 2030. When combined with high-quality infrastructure, low corporate tax rates, and political stability, Qatar appears to be an attractive prospect for running a successful business.

While an idea to build a business can be easy to find, making it a reality is a different ball game altogether. Because every viable business has several moving parts that are both critical and expensive, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are looking for outsourcing services to meet their business objectives and survive in a highly competitive market.

Fortunately, the internet has made it way easier for us to conduct business, making the world smaller and options endless. Not only does your business gets to tap into a global customer base, but it also gets to use resources to streamline business operations. Outsourcing allows you to cut down labour costs without compromising the quality of work. In return, you get to increase the efficiency within your organization and channel your energy to the tasks that require immediate attention.

Despite the many perks of partnering with an outsourcing company, some businesses are hesitant to hire external help. If you’re open to outsourcing and would like to find out where it could fit into your business model, here are ten jobs you could delegate to TASC Outsourcing to take advantage of our professional expertise without having to worry about hiring additional staff –

1 – Accounting

If you aren’t a financial expert, it could take up a lot of time to manage company expenses and understand the compliance standards that your business must meet in Qatar. Therefore, it is only wise to hire an external accountant to manage this aspect of your business. It will not only increase efficiency within your company and also save you big bucks at the same time.

2 – Virtual Assistants

Because entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, primarily working out of their home office, don’t have the money to hire full-time personal assistances, they’re turning to virtual assistances who offer their services online. Virtual assistants can be exceptionally useful during the early days of setting up a business, where emails and phone calls from potential customers are most expected. From booking flights to scheduling social media posts, they can do it all at an attractive price.

3 – IT Management

In 2019, outsourced IT services in the global market were worth $85.6 billion, making it one of the world's largest outsourcing industries. Because modern-day businesses heavily rely on technology, a software bug or forgotten passwords could disrupt your business operations. With outsourced IT support, you can handle all tech-related issues and initiatives without investing in an in-house IT team.

4 – Marketing

When it’s time to grow your company, you may want to hire the expertise of an external marketing firm to promote your brand offline and online. From web design, and content creation to social media engagement, they can do all the work, so you get time to improve your internal functions. Because the best marketing firms hire experts, you can expect them to develop creative and useful strategies that you couldn’t possibly access otherwise.

5 – Sales

If your company doesn’t have the capital to hire an internal team to make sales calls or set up sales funnels to close deals, you may want to hire a sales firm to delegate the task to skilled professionals who have experience in your industry.

6 – Research

To stay relevant in your market, you need to know your customers and industry well. Whether you are planning to expand to a new location or launch a new product, proper market research is necessary.

However, if you’re not looking forward to the idea of spending days and weeks of your employees’ time surveying the target audience, you can take the easy route by hiring the services of a research firm. With access to more resources, they can bring valuable insights to help you make informed business decisions.

7 – Manufacturing

Setting up a dedicated manufacturing facility for your small business could be particularly expensive. You could easily avoid this step by outsourcing the services of a domestic manufacturing firm to keep your operations close to your location.

8 – Shipping and Logistics

If your manufacturing facility offers shipping services, you can use their services to transport your products to your customers. Otherwise, a drop shipping service provider is all you need to make sure customers receive their orders on time. Shipping and logistics outsourcing has become exceptionally popular among eCommerce retailers as they get to focus their time and energy on marketing their online business.

9 – Customer Service

If your business predominantly communicates with customers over the phone or online, outsourcing an outside chat service provider or call centre could reduce your burden immensely. However, you must brief the external team on your processes and how you want them to deal with customers.

10 – Human Resources

For any small company scaling up quickly, it can be challenging to handle crucial tasks such as hiring, firing, benefits packages, payroll, etc., typically conducted by the human resource department. Because of this reason, many early-stage enterprises and start-ups delegate these crucial human resource functions to outsourcing firms with the expertise and technology to manage these tasks at a reasonable price.

Wrapping Up

Every business outsources services based on its specific needs and objectives. While some want to reduce operational costs, others want to free up time to accommodate additional projects.

The crux of the outsourcing industry is to allow business owners to play it smart where they get to enjoy the best of both worlds – making space and saving resources – while making sure that the work is being done by the top experts. It would be naive to say that outsourcing comes without risks. However, it will be worth your time and effort if you do your due diligence right.