5 Reasons for Relying on Contract Staffing | TASC Outsourcing

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Jul 27, 2022

According to Statistica, 13.6 million temporary staff were employed in the US alone in 2022. Fortune 500 companies like Capgemini to industry leaders like Microsoft, count on the recruitment agencies to meet their voracious need for temporary employees.

What started in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a smart strategy to fill in for permanent employees when they took time off has now ballooned into an indispensable part of running a successful business. Well, if you haven’t guessed it already, we’re referring to temporary/contract staffing. The term “temporary staffing” often metamorphoses into “consultants”, “fractional executives” or “interim executives” when it gets associated with highly skilled professionals who fill leadership positions.

Regardless of whether one calls themselves a temporary staff or an interim executive the essence of this staffing strategy remains unfazed. Temporary staffs are valuable employees who perform their job roles for a specified period with a pre-determined termination date. Companies rely upon recruitment agencies in Dubai for temporary staffing mainly when there’s-

  • A shortage of permanent workers
  • An increase in business activities
  • A surge in seasonal demand
  • Emiratization

5 Reasons Why Companies Rely on Temporary Staffing

  1. Access To Specialized Global Talent

Most companies moved past their locally available talent pool with the help of recruitment agencies in the UAE. Thus, unleashing new gates of new talent from across the world, especially from lower-cost regions or regions of higher unemployment. Resultantly, businesses in high-cost urbane locations can now benefit from a larger supply of global talent and a more cost-effective one.

Recruitment agencies like us also give access to specialized temporary talent for industries like hospitality, healthcare, IT, construction, oil & mining which cuts down the expense and time of training. Thus, helping companies to kick-start projects as soon as they commence.

  1. Cost Effective

TASC also aids companies, especially start-ups and SMEs without the time and budget for deep research into the job market, with the latest industry trends in payroll and salaries. Thus, helping them secure the most competitive deals even within restrictive budgets. 

  1. Fulfills Seasonal Staffing Needs

Most businesses have figured out the peak seasons of demand from data collected over decades. Depending on the industry, there are a maximum of 2-3 seasons of high demands in a year, usually when companies need all hands on deck to make the most profits.

This is when TASC steps in with its pool of talent to supplement businesses with the skill they need to meet the need of the hour.

  1. Reduces the Weight of Burden on The HR Department

TASC not only makes the best talent in the world accessible to businesses in UAE but also extends PEO services. Thus, taking care of payroll activities and maintaining administrative functions.

This is, especially a boon for SMEs & new-age companies who do not have the luxury of time or budget to set up a fully functioning HR department backed with the latest technology and expert skills. Even established companies rely upon the TASC experts to conduct their payroll activities relieving their in-house department of extra stress.

  1. Maintain A Productive Task Force

The secret to growing your profits and business is a highly productive task force. However, companies often struggle to build a loyal connection with temporary employees that instills a sense of accountability. At TASC, we happen to be blessed with a team of HR experts with decades of rich experience. They are well-versed in employee policies and practices that are sure to help build a strong employer-employee bond which fruits into motivation and productivity. For permanent as well as temporary employees. Moreover, our temporary workforce also gives an avenue for companies to find permanent employees within them.


The backing of a temporary workforce is the secret to the success of every successful company that can come to your mind. So, what’s stopping you from harnessing the power of this talent acquisition strategy? Save capital while driving higher profits with temporary staff that suits your unique needs from TASC. Contact our experts now!