How to attract UAE Nationals?

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Oct 05, 2022

There is no avoiding the fact that Emiratization is essential to the region's future economic development. Emiratisation has been a controversial and high-profile topic among UAE-based enterprises for the past ten years. Still, it is becoming a more crucial factor for companies hiring in the UAE.

Emiratisation is the secret to future success in the region if businesses want to stay competitive in the region's highly competitive market. The sooner you get on board with Emiratisation; the faster your company will be able to grow. Here are some ways to help attract qualified UAE nationals who would greatly add to any tech and non-tech business.

Create A Compelling Employer Brand

A compelling employer brand enables businesses to attract the right people for future growth. You can compete on factors other than pay and job titles if you have a reputation that precedes client experience, allowing you to offer people opportunities that align with their personal and professional goals. While the advantages of this strategy are numerous, the question is, what qualities do you need to exhibit to attract the best UAE national talent?

Though salary and security remain at the top of many candidates' priority lists, the number of UAE nationals prioritizing these factors has decreased significantly since 2014. This could be because cultural fit, company ethos, career progression, and greater flexibility are becoming more appealing to younger talent than just a lucrative salary.

By promoting your company as a great place to work, you will be able to attract the attention of talented Emiratis who are looking for a rewarding and challenging career. In addition, by ensuring that your company brand is strong and positive, you will be able to encourage more UAE nationals to apply for jobs with your organization. Investing in employer branding is essential for any business that wants to attract the best talent in the UAE.

Offer Remote And Flexible Working Environment

The impression of longer working hours and rigidity was one of the most significant barriers to luring Emiratis away from the public sector, but that's changing. In today's competitive job market, offering flexible working hours is one way to attract top Emirati talent. Allowing employees to choose when and how they work can make your workplace more attractive to a broader range of people.

Due to the popularity of remote and flexible working models, many companies now provide a hybrid working arrangement where employees spend some time each week at the office and the rest of the time working from home. 61% of UAE nationals said they would be less likely to look for a new job if they could divide their work between the office and home, according to research by a tech company named Cisco in May 2022.

Therefore, working from home is critical in enticing and keeping talent. 54% of HR professionals believe that their fundamental expectation for the future workforce is for employers to offer hybrid and remote working models across the workforce, whether UAE nationals or expatriate individuals.

Enhance Online Appearance

An online brand presence is essential for any company that wants to attract talent. In today's hyper-connected world, top talent always looks for new opportunities and often starts their search online. If your company doesn't have a solid online presence, you could miss out on attracting suitable UAE nationals, which would negatively impact the country's Emiratization goals. The simplest way to assess your online reputation is to look at the following:

How engaging are the job descriptions you have? Have you worked with a specialized recruitment firm to ensure you're using the proper keywords, action terms, and details about your brand to draw in the ideal candidates?

An online brand presence helps potential candidates learn more about your company and what it has to offer. It also allows you to connect with UAE nationals on a deeper level and build relationships that can eventually lead to successful hires. Additionally, a robust online presence can help you position your company as a top employer in your industry, which is essential for attracting UAE nationals.

So, if you're looking to attract UAE nationals, ensure a solid online brand presence. It could make all the difference in landing your next great Emirati hire.

Know the UAE National Talent You Are Looking For

The more you know about the kind of UAE national talent you want to attract, the easier it is for you to adjust your brand to appeal to the right type of Emirati talent. For instance, if your company wants to hire professionals who are passionate about everything new in the field of financial technology, you must show potential hires that you have many options for them to work with cutting-edge technology.

However, suppose you are looking for fresh Emirati graduates to help you bring your company into the modern era. In that case, you might consider implementing flexible working hours, CSR programs, and training and development initiatives designed to appeal to UAE nationals who care more about the work experience the job provides, rather than the salary offered.

Hire UAE Nationals with TASC Outsourcing

At TASC Outsourcing, we offer recruiting solutions for companies to hire UAE nationals across the country. We strive to fulfil our clients' Emiratisation quotas as part of our support for the national Emiratisation program. With over 15 years of local and global recruitment experience, we have created an extensive talent pool of vetted UAE nationals ready to take on new challenges in their professional careers in corporate and government organizations.

We can help you learn more about Emiratisation and how to attract the finest Emirati talent and help your organization meet the required Emiratization levels, reach out to us now!

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