Top 5 High Paid Careers to Get a Job in 2022 | TASC Outsourcing

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Feb 21, 2022

The job market has changed substantially on account of the pandemic. This has resulted in a significant increase in demand for jobs that didn’t dominate the market earlier. Long gone are the days when the only stable professions and highest paying jobs were doctors, engineers, or government officials. There are many high-paid jobs other than these professions! The top 5 paying jobs of 2022 in the global market are:

  1. Cloud Architect

What is a Cloud Architect?

Cloud computing architecture refers to the building and modifying components and subcomponents involved in cloud computing systems. These components traditionally consist of a broad network and several front-end, back-end, and cloud servers. Combined, these components make up cloud computing skeleton and architecture. As a result, cloud solutions design is based on architectural procedures and methods that have been developed over the last two decades.

A cloud architect is responsible for converting technical requirements into the architecture and design used for final product development. In addition, cloud Architects are often accountable for modification processes, including bridging the gaps between complex business problems and tangible solutions in the cloud.

What initial skills are required?

Having pre-existing knowledge of computing systems, cloud computing, and related technical knowledge is a prerequisite for becoming a cloud architect. In addition, it is essential to have a strong background in the field and a sense of comfort while dealing with the aforementioned concepts. Some other requisites are:

  • Good knowledge of a few operating systems: Operating systems like Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows will help one expand their area of expertise. Prior experience as an administrator in these areas will be beneficial.
  • Good understanding of networking: Related aspects of networking, including TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, DNS, is quite vital. A cloud architect needs to be familiar with these concepts.
  • Computer programming languages: A minimal understanding of the workings of scripting language is a must.
  • Security: A working knowledge of high-level security and encryption databases is essential. For example, firewalls and their concepts come in handy.
  1. System Analyst

What is a System Analyst?

A systems analyst is an IT professional who ensures that computer-related systems, infrastructure, and servers are functioning correctly. In addition, system analysts have the responsibility of extensive and efficient research. Finally, a system analyst makes sure things run smoothly, from finding viable solutions to charting courses of action and meeting organisational requirements.

Systems analysts need to be familiar with various operating systems, hardware configurations, programming languages, and software and hardware platforms.

What skills are required for a good System Analyst?

Systems analysts transform user requests into technical terminology. They act as liaisons between clients and technology vendors. Or requirements into technical design specifications and act as a liaison between clients/IT professionals and technology vendors. Their main job is to utilise all available servers, platforms, and systems to come up with solutions in case there are lapses between the requisite and the deliverable.

The job’s responsibilities may be summarised as follows:

  • Continuously communicate with your customers and stakeholders to learn and document requirements in order to create a technical specification.
  • Interact and coordinate with developers and implementers
  • Help perform system testing.
  • Deploy the system
  • Help with technical documentation like manuals.
  • The post-project assessment
  1. Blockchain Engineer

What is a Blockchain Engineer?

Blockchain engineers are people responsible for creating and implementing blockchain enterprise solutions creating a digital blockchain for enterprise solutions. Typically, blockchain engineers may work for technology consulting firms or data service firms. However, in reality, it’s a full-time job.

But it would be best to keep in mind that an engineer would build the solutions and analyse what the company needs. More so, these blockchain engineer jobs require implementing and developing items like assets, accelerators, or assisting in the enterprises’ infrastructure setup process.

What are the skills required for a sound blockchain engineer?

Blockchain engineers have a lucrative career with good pay, future security, and growth opportunities. However, to become a successful blockchain engineer, it is essential to have a few basics clear.

  • Expertise in Key coding languages
  • Knowledge of cryptography
  • Understanding blockchain architecture
  • Basic understanding of finance
  1. Product Manager

What is a product manager?

Product managers are the ones who provide the expertise needed to lead and strategize the development and marketing of a product and other related decisions. A product manager is at the intersection of business, technology, and user experience. Their role spans from the development of a product to leadership skills. This job also includes analysing market trends and demand-supply curves.

What are the skills required for a product manager?

  • Setting strategy
  • Defining releases
  • Evaluating ideas
  • Prioritising features
  • Building and sharing strategic roadmaps
  1. Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security specialists have a responsibility to protect data and digital assets. They deal with computational movements including decoding, encryption, and recoding. These specialists build customised firewalls for their software.

What skills are required by a cyber security specialist?

  • Technical Aptitude
  • Fundamental Computer Forensic skills
  • Ethical Hacking Skills
  • Knowledge of Applications and Systems
  • Problem-solving skills

Final Thoughts

The current trend of jobs sees a requirement of new skill sets and a high demand. It is but natural that the market is in favor of the candidates as companies are willing to stretch their budgets to get the right talent on board. Agencies like TASC are ensuring that their pipeline of candidates meet the expectations of their wide range of clients, with the right skill sets.