How To Craft A Strong Employer Brand?

Author: TASC Outsourcing
Jan 08, 2024

A company's reputation holds unprecedented significance in today's competitive job market. You’d be surprised to know that an astonishing 86% of job seekers would think twice about applying to or staying with a company with a tarnished reputation among former employees or the public.

While you may invest considerable effort in creating a compelling brand narrative for your products or services, constructing a robust employer brand that lures top-tier talent requires a strategic approach.

With that in mind, we will take a closer look at the employer brand, its importance, and the various actionable steps you can implement to create an impactful employer brand that resonates with your desired workforce.

What Is Employer Branding?

Think of your company as a mosaic composed of two distinct yet interwoven aspects – your brand's external identity and its internal pulse.

The former encompasses how you market your company to potential employees, while the latter is the reputation you foster among existing employees and the workforce at large.

Employer branding represents the delicate balance between these two facets. The more proficient you become in crafting an authentic employer brand, the higher the likelihood of attracting and retaining top talents.

A staggering 69% of surveyed employees onsider their employer's brand to be of immense importance, emphasizing the desire for a brand they can proudly endorse.

Beyond Storytelling – Walking the Walk

Your company's leadership, values, and culture are the core elements of your employer brand. If prospective employees inquire about working at your organization, they seek insights into the daily dynamics of people management, company ethos, and workplace ambiance.

It's essential to craft a strong narrative that extends beyond mere storytelling and encompasses your actual practices. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Why Is Employer Branding Important?

At this juncture, you might be questioning whether employer branding truly affects your company's bottom line. The resounding answer is yes.

Employer branding has the potential to slash turnover rates and cut down your costs per hire, which ultimately translates into significant cost savings. Moreover, active job seekers are more inclined to apply to a company that actively nurtures its employer brand.

Irrespective of whether you consciously cultivate your employer brand, it exists. Therefore, investing effort in shaping a brand you can take pride in is a strategic move that can yield substantial returns.

How To Construct Your Unique Employer Brand? A Step-By-Step Guide

Here are nine steps that you can implement to build or improve your employer brand –

Grasp Your Company's Unique Value Proposition

A robust employer brand takes root by aligning with your company's mission, values, vision, and culture. Start by discerning your business needs and reverse-engineer the talent required to meet those objectives.

Your company vision should seamlessly be woven into your brand story, promising continuous learning and a commitment to innovation. By harmonizing values with business goals, you establish an authentic employer brand

Undertake An Employer Brand Audit

Awareness of your company's reputation among potential employees and existing staff is pivotal. Conduct a thorough brand audit by leveraging internal surveys, scrutinizing social media, monitoring career sites for reviews, or even engaging a reputation-monitoring firm.

The outcome of such research will unveil aspects of your company culture that resonate with employees and areas that necessitate enhancement for a robust employer brand.

Craft Your Employer Value Proposition

Your employer value proposition serves as a promise rooted, reflecting your company's attributes that resonate with employees. Steer clear of focusing on compensation. Instead, emphasize your organization's deeper purpose and positive societal impact.

Ideally, your employer value proposition should embody this sentiment, advocating for a shared pursuit of a higher purpose and contributing meaningfully to society.

Harness The Power Of Your Current Workforce

Your employees are supposed to be the most potent advocates for your employer brand. Their voices carry three times more credibility than that of CEOs when it comes to discussing working conditions.

Your job is to capitalize on their sentiments by showcasing reviews, testimonials, and interview videos on various other platforms. Doing so will not only show your employees that you value their employee experience significantly but also influence your brand perception at the same time.

Fortify Your Onboarding Process

We know that first impressions matter a lot, which means that a negative onboarding experience can contribute to your increasing employee attrition rates. By developing an engaging and pleasant onboarding process, you will be able to ignite enthusiasm in new hires about their company roles.

It will lay the foundation for a more positive brand image right from the start and make transitions as smooth as possible. You will witness the benefits in the form of enhanced team productivity and reduced turnover rates.

Foster A Culture Of Learning & Development

One of the common causes of employee dissatisfaction is monotony. And the best way to combat this issue is by offering your employees diverse avenues for learning and skill development.

When you give them opportunities to acquire new skills, you indirectly display your commitment to their growth, which is bound to translate into improved retention rates and high job satisfaction.

Embrace Multichannel Storytelling

If you wish to improve your brand perception, start by taking a multifaceted approach. It’s high time you start utilising videos, photos, blogs, and other mediums to tell your brand’s story.

However, you mustn’t compromise on quality because that also speaks volumes about your brand. For example, you can start by featuring a few employee interviews on your job page or quote your CEO’s insights on the About Us page of your website.

Champion Diversity & Inclusion

A formidable employer brand hinges on sustained efforts towards building diverse and inclusive teams. Such a commitment will foster a sense of belonging and safety among employees, contributing to their engagement and loyalty. A diverse and inclusive workforce not only boosts employee morale but also has been shown to enhance profitability.

Cultivate Transparency, Honesty & Authenticity

An unwavering commitment to transparency and honesty is central to cultivating an enduring employer brand. Solicit both positive and negative feedback from employees, embracing opportunities for improvement. Avoid making lofty promises that don't reflect your company's reality because authentic efforts bear more fruit than embellished claims.

Empowering Your Employer Brand With The Best In MENA

Creating a nurturing employer brand is essential, and it demands significant investment from your end. Start by –

  • Aligning your brand with your mission,
  • Encouraging diversity,
  • Providing growth opportunities, and
  • Prioritising authenticity.

TASC Outsourcing, a leading HR recruitment and staffing company in the MENA region, stands out as a testament to the significance of specialized expertise in building and nurturing an impactful employer brand. As you take on the responsibility of actively constructing and managing your brand, aligning with experienced partners like TASC can make all the difference.

Attract and retain the best talent and set your organization on the path of sustained growth and prosperity. With TASC by your side, the future of your employer brand looks promising.

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